Wednesday, June 10, 2009

IM tring to write give me a break

Twenty twenty cricket a age old game with a new twist.. For purist like me nothing can beat the longer version of the game namely test cricket. But for millions more the seer joy and trills vomited from the bats of supper stars seems to be more than enough to wet their appetite.

The IPL has spiced the event even more. Not only did it great instant millionaires but also has generated a whole new generation of cricket lovers. More than forty percent of people who went to the IPL match that was held In South Africa have never been before to a live cricket match before.
No one can say they have mastered the trickeries of 20/20 cricket. Last year the team that finish last in the IPL became the new champions  
Than Netherlands beat England in the opening match of the second world cup .
And remember the might aussie team. The ones that played with ruthless aggression and flawless technique. They out off the first round. Well can't blame them they found them selves the ultimate group of death.

What can we say about this version of cricket thats tasking the world by storm.
Is the any technique to play it or should it be played without any skills. Skills that take years to master that could only be disposed in the longer versions of the game. I think the  most successful maestros utilise their skills innervate new techniques. If you watch South Africa Vs Scotland you would have seen this at work. All shorts played were normal conventional cricket strokes. Nothing agricultural. Watch players like Yuvraj Singh arguably the most prolific batter and see that he uses 100% of cricket shorts that he adapted for aggressive stroke play.

I think the game is still in developing stages. Its a great way to get more countries to start playing this beautiful sport and learn together.

What I would like to see in this version. Funny!!.
It would be wonderful to see two innings per side. The first team bats 10 overs than the other team bats and the team that batted first comes and have other bat. You get the picture.