Friday, December 3, 2010

The Cry baby

Does Fifa really hate England that much!
England were humiliated in Zurich with a first round elimination after securing just two votes.
Russia who were the favorites wining the bid to host the 2018 football world cup.

The English were furious crying fowl. "How can we loose we have the best country best bid , we are England "
England received three votes less than in the doomed bid for the 2006 World Cup a decade ago.
South Africa and Germany went to last round and Germany won by single vote.
Well england did have the world cup and did host the world cup so its time that other countries get a chance to host it.

The British media will doubt Russians ability to host a tournament of this magnitude but in the end they will be left with the sour taste of humble pie in their mouths.

I prise the efforts of Fifa to award the tournament to Russia and Qatar.