Tuesday, July 7, 2009

POem 2

rolled in a my fetal position
engulfed in pain  
surround my mortal creatures 
that await my faith in vain,
Tears of grief fill the air 
at the sigh of my vessel that
hangs on to my soul for dear 

For years I have abused this vessel
with worldly toxins that have given me pointless
She has finial broken down yet her
faith for me
refuses to part the soul that she knows
from my conception.

I hear the angle of death on my door steps 
to escort me to
my finial destiny Be it heaven or hell his 
here to take me.

The is no expression of satisfaction or grief
on his stern face. 
All pain suddenly subsides 
Screams of loss and despair echos in the room.
Their vessels are comforted by the vessels 
that stands besides them. 

I star at my lifeless body.
Im helpless, ALONE.
The room filled with people that once were 
part of my life< a life that exist no more.

IM suddenly engulfed in collideoscope of colour,
were im merely a spec of light. 
I enter carnal now the is no return
Im rapidly sucked into its vacuum and have no control of my spiral movement.

IM here finial HOME.