Friday, October 24, 2008


In this beautiful world our ours we have to adopt to suit the current social standards of life. By no matter of means do I suggest living up to the Jones but to adapt our selves to the new technology the world has to offer. We have to our livelihood deeps upon it.
The are various different types of gadgetry all with one aim to make our life more manageable and effective at the same time entertain our otherwise dull days. Yet all at the same time we tend to live more complicatedly than ever before.
However for survival we have to bare the consequences of such complication until some invents a new technology that manges the complication , and with the new advancement that was invented to relief complication in our life brings yet newer complication arise. We have to bear it all.
Gaudery are like drugs, narcotic, they bring us enjoyment and lighten us up but like with all drugs are additive make us depend on them. To illustrate this point take the communication device (can no longer be consider a mobile phone because it has camera, video cam mp3, ect) 15years ago no one ever had one can you imagine life without it. Dependency means loss of some of of our facets. 30 years ago banks and other large business never have computers and internet but still remained in business. Today if the computers are down the business seizes function. We lose our ability to function without them. They become part our anatomy make us more effective and improve our income capacity. The extra income that goes for the maintains of the gadgets and to buy more gadgets. Some times we buy them and use them once and then they become part of the ornaments at the bottom of our closets. These gadgets that have tendency to become our white elephants are normally the ones we buy to improve our body and health. So called effortless exercise machines.
So is life possible in this world with technological machinery. I'm sure very few can achieve this quest. You see we have accumulated skills and think that we are advanced but in accual fact we just replaced skills we already had with newer ones. In doing so we forgot the skills the we were born with for servile. Animal instincts.
The is an advantage to this newer skills we have accumulated one is writing this blogg. this blog would not be possible without the very thing I'm condeming.
The internet itself can be a wonderfully experience. The cyber world is almost a universe on its own. And in this universe I meet true friendship and enemies but above all, enjoy my visit in it. As with ever thing its great with moderation.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Pages in our life

Every day of our livies we go through events. Most of them are insignificant because they are routine.
We don't even worry about them because we want to be over and done with them as soon as we begin with the task.
But the are other events that happen maybe once in our life time that need special attention. We can not forget them because they carry special significance in our lives. They mean so much to us that we document them by photography and now film.(just incase we forget).
The first of these events are our birth. This is the most important event, because without it nothing no other event can follow.
Than comes first birthday, first day of school.......the things we do to the first time. And then our 16th birthday.
Our graduation from highschool is also of importance than its collage university and finally graduation from the institute.
After all this comes our 21th bith day, this is of greatest importance because you are now confirmed an adult. Welcome to the adult world now you have the capacity to enter into agreements , make you will, marry without consent of your guardians
Marriage it self is a significant event.....some describe it as the most significant event because it happens only once, well mostly OK some times. Why is marriage so significant to us. Well lets get a clear definition of marriage.
A legal definition will go something like this : “the lifelong union between a man and woman to the exclusion of all other persons, based upon consensus of the two parties concerned ” however the above
definition can not be true for the following reasons. One the union does not have to be life long and two with “add rights” so call constitution rights as entrench in the bill of rights we have freedoms. One of them is freedom of sexual orientation therefor in some countries gay marriages are allowed,
so lets try for a newer definition “an agreement between two parties to live with each other in union for an undetermined period or until death.”
Now that we have a definition no matter how inaccurate it may be be lets take into account the marriage it self. The are three rings to any marriage the engagement ring, the wedding ring and the last the suffer Ring. The engagement itself its an elaborate event with the exchange of trays between the woman of the parties to the further marriage. And basically is away to show off, and in doing so impress the other side. Than its the wedding itself. This much more elaborate than the engagement bu the virtue of the the size of the event. More guest more decoration more food and more money. But the is a way out of it. Elope .take your bride by the hand and run trust me that's the best way to prevent moths ands moths of aguish by your mother-in-law telling you how much they spent., more than the big daughter. And how long they took to pay the bill.
Now comes the last ring the suffering: well it can start at any time once the marriage starts. But usually the first three moths is so called the honeymoon period. So for covience of this blogg lets say that the suffering takes place on the fourth month after the commencement of the marriage.
This takes form in may different ways and may favorite is the yelling swearing and insulting of each others mothers. The best part of this disagreement is the last which is kiss and make up.
If after some time you find that you made the wrong choice the is the remedy of divorce.
But divorce I a separate event altogether one I hope no one who reads this blogg goes through.
In the marriage the are many events that take place. Your first fight, your first house and the first baby.
This itself is of great significance not only for your self but for man kind. Not only you carry on your own generation but you prevent the extinction of the human species from the face of the earth.
And so the story goes on passing the same routine from one generation to the other each generation finding better ways to document the events that are so precious to us. As we pass our kids take over. And finally one day in the distant furture a kid comes across a photo of you in a significant event and asks the question: “Mom who is this”

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Sachin Romesh Tendulkar
Its not im my nature to idolise other human no matter who they are. I never did. I never have posters of film stars on my wall or followed the career of any particular actor actress. I never even read the juicily gossip who they been with and what mischief they get up . It simply never interest me. But as with rules all rules, the is an exception Tendulkar.
He is simple the king of kings when it comes to cricket.
Blessed with top of the draw defense and master of every stroke in the book, he simplify is the god of cricket. Whether or not Sir Donald Brandman or Sir Viv Richards better than him is simply a question of opinion. In my opinion Tendulkar is simply the best batsman the great game has ever been blessed to have. He has masted both forms of the game test and one day and would have masted 20/20 if it had been invented in his generation.
Sachin is most run score in test and one day international. In two decades of his career he never seems to disappoint his fans. He has 42 hundred in ODI and 39 in test no one is even close to that
The only draw back of this elaborate career is that he never was part of a team that won the world cup for Indian.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cultural Colonization

So all of us who find our selves here after our great grand parents fort for our freedom to rule our selves.
Against the mighty British empire. (Mighty, for crying out loud for the hell of Christ a half naked man with a stick defeated this might empire)
Anyway we they won the battle so we free to rule as we please.
But how free are we.
Are we salves of a different colonization called Americanization carefully administrated to us by the media the tube. We are all subject to one thing to live up to the ideas of a few who are fortunate enough to glamorized by the rest of us. Its by no fault of them but by the rest of us that makes a simple thing like OH Prit Zinta/ Tendulka (not that priti is not local but she is also victim to cultural colonization when she choice to wear that western out fit) looks so gog gog gorgeous that hipsters So I just got to have it. Yet the hipsters JUK... tendulka in hipsters. Forget that thought.
Ok Prit in hipsters, the hipster or jeans are not even a south african of Indian thing.... as for owe own cloths they only good for special functions... our cultural events Bhai wedding
every day little by little we are being colonization by a secrete force that lives in our homes Da TV, Ok you have defense for it its your choice . Its the new era( its the new thing) you have the right to wear what u like.......very well so wear it..... but u are subject to slavery of colonially rule. Whether or not I'm right is subject to your own belief and mind control.
Lets face it no matter what we do were we stay we are all part this new empire..... we have our own governments...... that's were it stops. Cultural erosion by alien colonially forces invertible. We all are subject to economic slavery.......
as long as we want to emulate the current trends of our environment we are salves of the colonial fashions of Europe and U.S.A.
By the way we always humans the highest intellectual creation of god.Yet failed dismally when it come to intergrade ourslves with the enviroment instead we change the environment to suit us. So We living in the foot steps of your father and his father before him.
But don't worry we been handsomely rewarded for our effords. Gobal warming , Air pollution, water pollution are some of the are just some of the awards we achieved.
In conclusion to this utter nonsense rumbling I would like to add. The is nothing wrong in part taking in cultural as long as we keep our own.
For those who don't well that's the place for hypocrites like me

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