Friday, October 24, 2008


In this beautiful world our ours we have to adopt to suit the current social standards of life. By no matter of means do I suggest living up to the Jones but to adapt our selves to the new technology the world has to offer. We have to our livelihood deeps upon it.
The are various different types of gadgetry all with one aim to make our life more manageable and effective at the same time entertain our otherwise dull days. Yet all at the same time we tend to live more complicatedly than ever before.
However for survival we have to bare the consequences of such complication until some invents a new technology that manges the complication , and with the new advancement that was invented to relief complication in our life brings yet newer complication arise. We have to bear it all.
Gaudery are like drugs, narcotic, they bring us enjoyment and lighten us up but like with all drugs are additive make us depend on them. To illustrate this point take the communication device (can no longer be consider a mobile phone because it has camera, video cam mp3, ect) 15years ago no one ever had one can you imagine life without it. Dependency means loss of some of of our facets. 30 years ago banks and other large business never have computers and internet but still remained in business. Today if the computers are down the business seizes function. We lose our ability to function without them. They become part our anatomy make us more effective and improve our income capacity. The extra income that goes for the maintains of the gadgets and to buy more gadgets. Some times we buy them and use them once and then they become part of the ornaments at the bottom of our closets. These gadgets that have tendency to become our white elephants are normally the ones we buy to improve our body and health. So called effortless exercise machines.
So is life possible in this world with technological machinery. I'm sure very few can achieve this quest. You see we have accumulated skills and think that we are advanced but in accual fact we just replaced skills we already had with newer ones. In doing so we forgot the skills the we were born with for servile. Animal instincts.
The is an advantage to this newer skills we have accumulated one is writing this blogg. this blog would not be possible without the very thing I'm condeming.
The internet itself can be a wonderfully experience. The cyber world is almost a universe on its own. And in this universe I meet true friendship and enemies but above all, enjoy my visit in it. As with ever thing its great with moderation.

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