Saturday, November 1, 2008


We tend to think of our selves as unique. For most apart , this may be true The are no two pesons exactly alike. However We have a burning desire within our human nature that yearns to belong to a group. This need to belong to a group sterms from our need to be secure and safe. And also for the support we get from our pack or pride. Belonging to a group we see others as being different to us. Some how they don't measure up to the standards we set in our pack. “WE MUCH BETTER THAN THEM”
Lets take the follow analogy. group of vey academically inclined scholar can not be part of a group of
athletically inclined scholar. This often leads to bigotry. The jockes against the nerds.
The above is just an example. The are more classifications of the human race ( rich, poor, professional, labour, capitalist communist,republican, democrat,........)We chose to be in a particular group because of various reasons, some reason are be beyond our control and others are matter of our personal preference.
Being male of female was a choice beyond our control yet now if you you not satisfied with your sex you and you have enough money you can change it. Our race is something we can not change and I can not find a reason why someone will want to.
The media has created the stereotype mentality that people with fair skin are more superior more beautiful. Have you seen any movie were the heroine is dark skinned. The media is a powerful in influence our perceptions in life. They tell us what is beautiful, what is cool and were we must spend our money. The appearance of a thin fair woman eating a chocolate becomes more appetizing than a fat guy eating it. Why? Here again we want to belong to the group. Some how we are lead to believe that we are identifying with the thin fair lady when we buy the chocolate.
We are organized into thousands of different nationalities each with a complexed governments. In the free world we need to be democratic and a political party with the largest number of votes becomes the ruler of the entire nation.
So anyone one can belong to a group no matter what your education, social standings or income if you are a resisted voted you are welcome to be part of the group. I never coincided head of a country a the ruler of a country but the savant to the constituents that endowed him with such powers.
Policians are the biggest two faced , stranger to the truth you can get on the face of the planet. They promise less taxes for the rich, and more services for the poor. However when they charged more taxes for the rich the was no money for services for the poor. So the new guy that promises these things must have a very special fertiliser to make money grow. The only reason that you were allowed to vote was to inflate the leader and members of the parties ego, once they in power they have their own personal agenda.
The are other groups that we belong to some our religion, once we find what religion we are after carefully dividing subdividing we are on the way to righteous. We become better people. All religion has one fundamental teaching the respect and value fellow brothers and sister. Its the most perfect human science in the world. Yet it has been the source of wars deaths and destruction.
The need to protect the interest of this group leads toward fundamentalism ludicrousness..... the simple fact is that all fundamentalisms don't have a personal agender. They so consumed in haterate that they forgot the ration behind their action. And this creates a different group blinded by their fate for their leader.
And all this acts of distraction kicks in our animal instinct and the need for retaliation becomes a must hence a new group is born.
The need to belong to a group is to protect our own individualist. Every one acts the same, does the same. So your actions can not be condemned by the also have protection from outside attacks. Any person who acts your action acts the groups action. Having strength in numbers is an advantage your actions enjoy protection from outside disapproval.
If we all know that the is a need to belong to a group then why don't we accord everyone with the same respect that we need. In doing so we will live in a better world.


Romain said...

I saw several movies in which the heroin is black

Anonymous said...

Im talkig about bollywood movies. Ligher skin colou is the norm.This is not about racism its about human perception.