Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To BE KINGS of CRIcket

The time has come once again to decide who going to be crowned the kings of cricketing world. For the last twelve years it has been the most dominate team ever to grace the title of champions of the cricket world

To make a prediction you can look like total idiot if you are wrong. However knowing that this blog is only read by my friends I will take that chance to act upon my instinct that is not in accordance of my better judgment..

The team that is most likely to wear the crown of the champions after this tournament is team India. The reasons are pretty obvious. Every pundits say so. With home ground advantage they can influence the pitch condition to better suit their batters and bowlers. They will also have the crowed support that will boost confidence and release adrenaline. :) However India are not the only country that are hosting the ICC World Championship. Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are also co host.
Bangladesh are no longer the team that any second division side will take to the driers. They have wins over all the test playing nation. A white wash against New Zealand and series win over West Indies.
Bangladesh are a dark horse that could walk away with the trophy given plenty of luck. But lets face it no ones that lucky.

Sri Lanka they say no host nation has won the cricket world cup at home. Sri Lanka have co-hosted the competition in 1996 together with Pakistan and India. They beat Australia and were champions. The last world cup remember they should have won if weather did not for bad weather, or bad light.
Sri Lanka will be very difficult to beat in the sub continent and can come out as winners.

Australia they may not be the NO 1 test side. They may not be able to defend a score of over 400 but they are champions three times in a row. They are no walk over. The series against England they won emphatically. The is the question of Mr Cricket Michael Hussey,. Without a quality spinner they will not find it easy to cope with the pitch conditions.

Than the is the Pakistan. The problem with Pakistan is that you really do not know what they are going to do. They can pour both hot and cold water and some times even both.

England are a much improved side. They have never won the world cup and have had good form until they played Australia .

I really do not see west Indies as a contender .
Now lets talk about a team I really love to win. They have never won the world cup. Yet they have won most of their matchers they played. Can the champions of chocking lift the cup. I do not see it happening. If you haven't guessed who I am talking about it team South Africa.< the Proteas Smith And the boys. What ever you may prefer. I Do not see Proteas winning for the following reasons. South Africa have always had good if not great lower order batters. This time they do not have that luxury. Smith and De Villiers have no form in the series against India. If one see how the middle and lower order crumbled after the top order was dismissed. Morkal who relays on bounce will not get any on dust pitchers of sub contendaent. Wayne Parnell lost redym. However they have a gifted spinner that make his d├ębut. Even though I do not agree with the team selection I think if they keep their cool, Stop chocking they will be difficult to beat.

India with the best opening pair. Best batting line up. Great spinner in Harbhajan Singh Good opening bowler In Khan. The only thing they need is some one to support Khan as opening bowler. If I have to put money this will be the horse I bet on.
From one to ten this is how i rate each teams chances of winning. 10 being most likely and 1 less likely.

India 8.5
Australia 7.5
Sri Lanka 7
Pakistan 7
England 6.5
South Africa 6
New Zealand 5.5
Bangladesh 5.5
West Indies 5
Zimbabwe 5
Ireland 4
Kenya 4
Netherlands 3
Canada 2