Saturday, October 18, 2008


Sachin Romesh Tendulkar
Its not im my nature to idolise other human no matter who they are. I never did. I never have posters of film stars on my wall or followed the career of any particular actor actress. I never even read the juicily gossip who they been with and what mischief they get up . It simply never interest me. But as with rules all rules, the is an exception Tendulkar.
He is simple the king of kings when it comes to cricket.
Blessed with top of the draw defense and master of every stroke in the book, he simplify is the god of cricket. Whether or not Sir Donald Brandman or Sir Viv Richards better than him is simply a question of opinion. In my opinion Tendulkar is simply the best batsman the great game has ever been blessed to have. He has masted both forms of the game test and one day and would have masted 20/20 if it had been invented in his generation.
Sachin is most run score in test and one day international. In two decades of his career he never seems to disappoint his fans. He has 42 hundred in ODI and 39 in test no one is even close to that
The only draw back of this elaborate career is that he never was part of a team that won the world cup for Indian.

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